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Microcurrents, Light Therapy
and Facial Rejuvenation
by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Dipl. Ac.

Overview: The practice and business of non-surgical facial rejuvenation has attracted at tremendous amount of interest in recent years. There are many acupuncture-based systems being practiced and taught now which involve direct stimulation of the face with electrical stimulation, acupuncture needles, heat, massage, herbs or light. These systems work with various levels of effectiveness. The lifting and rejuvenating effects on the face take place through adjustment of muscle tone, detoxification and cleansing of the skin, and, in some cases, whole-body balancing of the meridian system. Most of these systems, however, only stimulate the face, and usually apply currents that are excessively strong for optimal results in balancing and enhancing subtle energy communication between the face and body.

The meridian system has been shown to powerfully respond to electrical stimulation directly on the skin surface, focused light stimulation, and sound waves. Each of these applies a form of resonant energy stimulation to acu-points. The new Vibrational Beauty Therapy (VBT) system developed by our Arizona team includes all these modalities in combination with a line of skin care products with significant energetic healing properties. This article focuses on the basis for the inter-relationship of two primary aspects of this system - low-level electrical stimulation and colored light therapies - and how this synergy can help provide a superior facial treatment. The principles discussed here are equally applicable to whole-body treatment for pain and disease conditions.

The face reveals the health and balance of the internal organs of the body. A person with a healthy, glowing face has good internal energy balance. Conversely, visceral weaknesses and dysfunctions show in the face through dark circles, pale or luster-less skin, blemishes, acne, excessive wrinkling and other signs.

The meridians are a subtle energy communication system that inter-connects all parts of the body. It is an gridwork with energetic correspondance to the ley lines of the Earth and the Universe. This is based on the "as above – so below" principle, as our individual meridian system is a microcosm of Universal energy gridwork. I believe that some of the positive effects of acupuncture and VBT are due to a reconnection of the microcosm of the patients personal meridian system to the greater macrocosm. This level of effect is dependant on the intention of the practitioner and client. The multi-dimensional aspects of VBT (electrical, light, sound, herbal/mineral) is supportive of such energetic shifts toward wholeness.

The face has direct meridian connections to 8 of the major meridians of the body – those of the Stomach, Urinary Bladder, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder, Du (Governing Vessel) and Ren (Conception Vessel). The face also has indirect connections to all the other meridians through micro-system connections and the Du and Ren vessels. Remember, the Du is the “sea of all Yang meridians” and the Ren the “sea of all Yin meridians”. These two channels terminate in the mouth.

Even on a very cold day, people bundled up in heavy coats can be comfortable with their faces exposed. This is due to the fact that so much of the body’s vital energy is projected onto the face through meridian system connections. This connection works both ways – not only does the face reflect the energy of the body, but it is also true that stimulation of the face can affect the body meridians.

Microcurrent electro-stimulation at low frequency is an ideal stimulus for facial rejuvenation for the following reasons:

1) All body functions are governed by electrical systems. This includes muscle contractions and relaxations, nerve function, glandular secretions, brain activity, healing and regeneration, pain perception and so much more.

2) Because the body’s electrical control systems are based on very subtle electrical signals in the nano and microamp levels (billionth and millionth of amp ranges, respectively), it is true that vastlyoverpowering currents in the milliamp (thousandths of amp) range can be counterproductive to the aim of restoring internal balance. Yet this is the type of current used in most facial rejuvenation devices.

3) Our research has shown that the acupuncture meridian system is rapidly balanced when stimulated with properly polarized microcurrents in the 1 – 10 Hz frequency range. The Vibrational Beauty Therapy™ system primarily utilizes such currents for facial stimulation.

How Light Affects The Body

This heading refers to a huge subject, one that cannot be adequately dealt with in this short article. A few observations can be given. There is a large and growing body of research into the body’s subtle energy systems that reveals that the cells and molecules that make up our bodies respond directly to light energy. Here is a quote from the article Exploring the Biology of Phototherapy by James Oschman, PhD :

"From the biology of the situation, I suggest that the immediate effect of light is on the communications pathways. Specifically, it is proposed that light stimulates the flow of solitons, which are waves of energy and information that travel rapidly through the protein fabric of the body. The flow of solitons opens gates and switches and organizes dynamic living matrix pathways. Cells can then 'whisper'
to each other using their own languages. These whisperings orchestrate the repair of traumas of all kinds."

Some Russian researchers have proposed that the protein fabric of the body acts as a fiber-optic system. S. Pankratov projected light on acupuncture points and measured light output from other points along the same meridian. He found that such light stimulation caused these other points to emit light. He concluded that the meridians are preferential pathways for the transmission of light in the body.

It is fascinating that other researchers have determined that protein molecules also transmit subtle electrical signals throughout the body, an activity called semiconduction. The eastern European researcher Albert Szent-Gyorgyi was the first to point out that the molecular structures of the human body are organized enough to support semiconduction through passing information along chains of protein molecules.

Robert Becker constructed many experiments to test this principle, and concluded that energy transmission and communication of the meridian system is based on electrical semiconduction along the perineural glial cells that support the nervous system. These allow subtle currents to be transported over long distances without losing charge. He demonstrated that these semiconducted currents were completely different than electrical activity of the nerves themselves. He postulated that such direct currents represented the more primitive aspect of our electro-physiology, which support healing and regeneration, and acupuncture points were in effect way stations that boosted the charge along the pathways.

The body's semiconduction system as explained by Becker correlate well with the X-signal system theorized by Yoshio Manaka, M.D. According to Manaka, this system consists of immeasurably small electrical charges in and around the body that ultimately regulate all life processes. While the X-signals cannot be measured with currently available tools, their effects can be clearly observed through changes in pressure pain on acu-points, pulse diagnosis and kinesiology (muscle testing). The X-signal system is exquisitely sensitive to polarity agents such as magnets, ion-pumping cords or polarized electrical probes.

Therefore both light energy and subtle electrical energy are transported throughout the body via chains of protein molecules. We may surmise that these two forms of energy stimulation may be administered together, and can enhance each other's effects, and our investigation so far practically confirms this.

I have created a microcurrent color light probe system that delivers simultaneous electrical and light energy to acupuncture points, auricular points and chakras for this purpose.

Vibrational Beauty Therapy (VBT)

A VBT session includes 4 – 7 steps, or phases, of treatment. Total treatment time is 30 – 60 minutes depending on how many phases are utilized, and whether other adjunctive treatments are included. Most of the phases use the color light probe to deliver simultaneous microcurrent and colored light stimulation to a series of specific points on the face and neck. Charts are provided to show where to treat, and guidance is offered for selection of electrical frequency and light color for each phase. Sessions may also include periods of pad electrode stimulation for regional facial stimulation, electro-massage and bar electrode stroking. Specially formulated gel is used as the interface between electrodes and the face. Some of the benefical ingredients of the gel are driven into the skin and muscles through the principle of iontophoresis.

The overall effect is a highly comprehensive rejuvenation of the face, with clearly discernable positive effects after just one session. A series of 8 – 15 sessions over several months are required, however, for maximum and lasting effects. Clients in poor health, the elderly and smokers will require more treatments.

Whole Body Effects And The Autonomic Nervous System

As mentioned above, the combination of microcurrent and light therapy may also be used for a wide range of pain and disease conditions. Such treatment may be combined with VBT to excellent advantage. It is my experience that the addition of appropriate colored light to my acupuncture and microcurrent treatments has improved patient responses to a significant degree. More research is certainly needed.

Most of the contemporary researchers into the electro-physiology of the acupuncture systems have concluded that much of the effects of acupuncture take place through the autonomic nervous system. This includes the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches that excite and sedate organ and glandular functions. This system interfaces with the endocrine hormonal system in regulating most visceral functions.

The acu-points with the most direct input into the autonomic system are the auricular (ear) and back-shu points. Auricular points have direct input into brain and cranial nerves that regulate this system, and back-shu points are directly over autonomic ganglia that emerge from the spine, and have direct input into organs associated with each spinal segment. Therefore, when desiring to enhance the whole-body effects of the VBT system, there are two simple ways to do this:

1) Stimulation of Master auricular points with colored light. In this case, you can use the auricular probe tip on the trigger probe to stimulate the Master ear points listed in the VB training manual with the addition of colored light, or the light may be used alone by unscrewing the cotton Q-tip holder on the trigger probe. When the microcurrent stimulation aspect is used, the counter probe may be held against a major facial acu-point such as Yintang or Ren 24 to complete the circuit while the trigger probe is stimulating the ear points. Alternatively, the client can hold the brass hand mass, in which case the counter probe will not be used. Stimulate each ear Master point for about 20 seconds, with or without electrical stimulation. Master points can be stimulated bilaterally.

Stimulation of the ear Master points has a beneficial general 'tune-up' effect on the autonomic nervous system and endocrine gland systems of the body.

Select the color of the light applied to the ear points according to the patient’s presentation. For healthy patients desiring preventive or “tune-up” treatment, you can use the following guidelines:

Green for enhancing facial muscle tone and fullness. Good all-purpose color for facials.
Yellow for clients with markedly sagging facial muscles
Violet for clients with overly taut or tense facial muscles
Purple for clients in pain at the time of treatment

Other colors may be used according to health conditions. For further information about the health effects of specific colors, please see my article Specific Health Benefits of the Colors on the website.


2) Microcurrent Mu-Shu Technique. This is a powerful technique for balancing the electrical energies of the internal organs through the autonomic system. It is done by choosing polarized treatment through the probes at 10 Hz, 2:1 mode. On the Acutron Mentor, this is easily set up by selecting Probe preset #2. For any organ needing treatment, place the positive (counter) probe on the associated front-Mu (alarm) point and the negative probe on the associated back-shu point, same side. Treat bilaterally. When the front-Mu point is on the central Ren channel, hold the counter probe there while treating the two back-shu points in turn. Treat each set of points for 20 – 30 seconds.

Select organs to be treated through this technique by the presentation of the patient. This can be determined through the use of diagnostic systems such as pulse diagnosis or Alarm point kinesiology. Details for this procedure can be found in Chapter 15 of my new book Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture, also available through CompMedSupply. The use of simultaneous colored light stimulation with microcurrent stimulation can enhance the effectiveness and carry-over of this technique.

Summary of Benefits of Microcurrents and Light Therapies

Microcurrent electro-stimulation:

1) Augments body's natural electro-physiology through frequency, polarity balancing and energetic augmentation. This can strongly support homeostasis, relieving many pain and disease conditions. Allows greater precision in meeting body’s bio-electric requirements in these respects than traditional needle acupuncture.

2) Non-needle approach is excellent for children, elderly, sensitive and needle-phobic patients.

3) Beneficial effect on nervous system, helping patients with post-stroke syndrome, peripheral neuropathies and painful neuralgias.

4) Excellent effectiveness in treatment of auricular points.

5) Augments effectiveness of needle acupuncture through combination treatments.

6) Enhances rehabilitation through interferential kinetic therapies.

Benefits of color light therapies:

1) Precision stimulation of acu and auricular points with appropriate vibrational frequencies.

2) Enhance carry-over of acupuncture and facial rejuvenation treatments.

3) One of the most direct methods to tonify and sedate channels and Organs.

4) Balance autonomic nervous system – prime need of modern civilized people. Blue end of spectrum to calm or reduce hyperfunction, inflammation and pain (excess sympathetic tonus); Red end of spectrum to boost from hypofunction, fatigue and depression (excess parasympathetic or deficient sympathetic tonus).

5) Regulate endocrine hormonal systems.

6) Regulate nervous system for treatment of stroke, neuropathies and neuralgias.

7) Support Core healing and spiritual evolution through Chakra/subtle bodies direct effects.

8) Feed “color hunger” that is very common among urban people.

9) Improve calcium metabolism through natural production of Vitamin D – reduce bone loss.

Autonomic Nervous System:

Sympathetic branch activates adrenal medulla, pituitary, thyroid, gonads and muscles – related to stress and active response.

Parasympathetic branch activates parathyroid, adrenal cortex, digestive tract, liver, pancreas and spleen - related to rest and rejuvenation.

This brief article only introduces this vast subject. Further information about light therapy can be found through the following references:

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