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BV Cure Treatment

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  • Started 2 years ago by gabriellabrenard
  1. gabriellabrenard

    Goal of treatment for patients with VWD is to restore their normal vaginal microbiota. It should be remembered that these patients often can take place simultaneously, and other diseases of the urogenital tract (vaginal candidiasis, Trichomonas vaginalis, etc.)

    Therefore, treatment should be comprehensive causal and pathogenetically substantiated character, and drugs used to provide effective different effect. In the course of treatment is necessary to observe good personal hygiene. Up to the end of treatment and

    Follow appropriate to use barrier methods of contraception.
    Currently, treatment of BV Etiotropic proposed a number of drugs. An example of an integrated treatment for BV is Tergynan which is used topically in the form of vaginal tablets, therapeutic effect of the drug and its wide directional spectrum of activity due to its composition.Article Resource By BV Cure

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