Welcome to Microcurrent Research, Inc., the creators of the most effective Microcurrent Electro-therapeutic Pain Management System: The Acutron Mentor. Take our new guided tour by clicking on the button in the upper left to learn all about our revolutionary device.

Microcurrent - Acutron offers the most versatile and advanced microcurrent therapy available. Offered through pad, interferential, and probe techniques.

Classic Interferential - For acute pain in the low back and other large regions of the body.

Micro-Interferential (5 preset options) - Subacute and chronic pain relief for large regions of the body, such as the hips, knees, shoulders and low back. Excellent with simultaneous exercise and/or myofascial release for rehabilitation after surgery or injuries.

Russian Stimulation - Commonly used in sports medicine practices.

This device is used by medical doctors and D.O.'s, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, podiatrists, nurses, bodyworkers, dentists and veterinarians.

Using Acutron Mentor is so easy. Simply choose from a menu of powerful preset pain control protocols with the touch of a button, OK it, and start treatment. Or customize any settings if you want. The choice is up to you. It's really that simple!

Offers 19 preset treatment protocols that address the needs of the whole gamut of patient conditions - for hypersensitive chronic pain patients to acute analgesic treatments. You can create up to 21 additional presets as well. RS-232 jack in rear hooks up to external PC for unlimited applications.

The Acutron Mentor does not just offer these separate protocols. It's innovative combination therapy presets use treatment sequencing to enhance effectiveness, reduce accomodation, and reduce the pain rebound effect often experienced with other stimulators.

“I continue to be astounded by the effectiveness of the Acutron Mentor”
(Redondo Beach, CA)
“After becoming familiar your Acutron stimulator, I consider it to be an instrument of the highest order.”                           
- Nguyen Van Nghi, M.D., Director (French Review of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Marseilles, France)
“I've had just phenomenal results with the Acutron Mentor....You can use it for so many applications.”
-Margie Simmons-Stuper, Sports Medicine Therapist, (Mesa, AZ)
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