Bell's palsy
Acutron Mentor

Application brief #9403-HS-2

 submitted by Jill Speer LPT, based on 2 cases.

 Average # of treatments:  First patient-5 treatments, second patient-10 treatments.

 Frequency of treatments:  Three times weekly.

 Physical symptoms:  Both patients presented with left Bell's palsy, the first patient with less than functional strength, and severe left sided facial pain, blurring and tearing of left eye.  The second patient did not have pain, but demonstrated generally less strength.  The left facial pain and eye symptoms resolved within five treatments in the first patient, she also had strength return.  Patient #2 has had 10 treatments with strength returning to well. 

 Method:  Microcurrent was use in patient #1 mainly for pain control.  In patient #2 for healing and to decrease nerve irritation.  I have treated several other Bell's palsy without microcurrent using only motor point stimulation with return to normal, generally, in 1-2 months.  The addition of microcurrent appeared to accelerate recovery.  One wand and one probe were used to treat the following acupuncture points, beginning distally and working centrally:  LI 4 for 30 seconds, SJ 17 for 15 seconds, St 6 and St 7 and Ex 2 for 6 seconds each. 

 Settings used:  Acutron Mentor preset Probe #4, or these specific settings:

                        Intensity:  25 ľA

                        Hz:  0.3-0.4

                        Waveform:  Square

                        Mode:  Continuous

                        Polarity:  Biphasic

                        Timer:  10-30 seconds

 Other therapies:  Facial exercises with microcurrent, also motor point stimulation to left facial muscles.  I instructed patients to continue with facial exercises at home two to three times daily.  Microcurrent treatment was always given first, followed by motor point stimulation to left facial muscles using DC stimulation with the EMS-2A manufactured by Med Labs for approximately 10-15 contractions of each motor point until fatigued.

 Average results:                 Excellent                   Good              Fair                 Poor

 Response to TX:                                                                                                 

 Carryover of results:                                                                                                                  

 Additional notes:  No relapses have occurred.