Bilateral rotator cuff tear
Acutron Mentor

Application brief #9403-NS-4

submitted by Paula Bell PT, based on one case.

Average # of treatments:  16

Frequency of treatments:  Twice weekly.

Physical symptoms:  Shoulder pain.

Etiology of injury/condition:  Unknown, work related.

Method:  Four pads, two each shoulder anterior/posterior then moist heat and probe treatment.  Or, two separate sets of interferential, one on each shoulder.

Settings used:  Acutron Mentor preset Probe # 4 and µA Pads #4, or these specific settings:

            Pads:  200 µA

                        Hz: 130

                        Waveform:  Square

                        Mode:  D:D

                        Polarity:  Biphasic

                        Timer:  10 minutes

                        Channels:  B and C

            Probe:  25 µA

                        Hz:  0.3

                        Mode:  Continuous

                        Timer:  10 minutes

            Interferential:  Use preset I.F. # 1 or 2, copy to channels C and D for two sets.


Other therapies:  Hot packs.

Further methods or results:  Temporary relief after four treatments, essentially pain free after 15 treatments.

Average results:                 Excellent                   Good              Fair                 Poor

Response to TX:                                                                                                 

Carryover of results: