Post-operative carpal tunnel release
with adhered scar tissue

Acutron Mentor

Application brief #9403-EX-3

submitted by Margaret McReynolds PT, based on 100 cases.

Average # of treatments:  24

Frequency of treatments:  Three times a week.

Physical symptoms:  Adhered scar, pain, swelling, less strength and range of motion, less functional use of hand.  Most patients are three to six months post surgery.

Method:  Pads on acupuncture points Li 11 --> LI 4, and anterior/posterior wrist joint.  May use probe work along scar if skin impedance is low.

Settings used:  Acutron Mentor preset µA Pad #1 or 3, or use specific settings:

                        Intensity:  50-100 µA

                        Hz:  10

                        Waveform:  Sloped

                        Mode:  Continuous

                        Polarity:  Biphasic

                        Timer:  15-20 minutes

                        Channels:  B and C

Other therapies:  Osseous manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, massage and hot packs.  Acutron is used at the end of the therapy session, after soft tissue work, joint manipulation, and exercises to help carryover pain relief and lessen swelling after mobilization.

Further methods or results:  Scars can become soft, flabby, and mobile.  Patients are pain free and restitution of normal range of motion, strength and hand functions.  Myofascial release work incorporated the entire upper quadrant including neck and thoracic area.

Average results:                 Excellent                   Good              Fair                 Poor

Response to TX:                                                                                                 

Carryover of results: